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Guest Assignments

The Group Portal gives you the ability to manage your own guests/attendees and decide which rooms or commuter slots they are assigned to.

Click Guest Assignments on the left-side menu.

You will be shown a list of all possible guest reservations - rooms and commuter slots where guests can be assigned. The arrival and departure details are also displayed. If the reservation is for a room you may also see the details of the room such as the type of bed(s), floor, bath, etc.

If a reservation is unassigned, then you will see the word Assign in the Operation column. Click Assign to assign a guest to that reservation.

A pop-up will appear requesting you to select the guest to assign to the given reservation. The list of guests will be auto-populated with guests who have attended any programs for your selected group.

Click Save when done.

If the guest you are looking for is not in the drop-down, then click the Create Guest button. A new pop-up will appear where you can enter all of the new guest's information.

To remove a guest from a reservation click the Change link.

In the pop-up click the Clear Assignment button.

Duplicate Checks

To help check if the same guest has been assigned to more than one reservation click the First Name or Last Name column headers and select sort.

Look down the sorted list to see if the same name appears more than once.

Unfilled Reservations

With large programs it may help to see just those reservations which are still open. Click the Status column and select Open.

And you will only be shown reservations which are still unassigned.

To clear the filter click the x next to the filter.

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