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Guest Bookings



Guest details, reservations, payment details, and invoices all go in to Retreat Manager automatically. No manual copy and paste of data.

Event Listing


List all your published events on one page. Guests can filter by category, group or guests can search for events by title or presenter.

Listings show date ranges, teaser line and the availability of the event.

Advanced embedding options allow you to limit the listing by category or group.

Event Availability


An event's availability is continuously synchronized with Retreat Manager to prevent overbooking of events. 

Guests are able to see which accommodations are available and the price of each type of accommodation. Guests can add as many registrations to their cart as they would like making it easy to sign up for multiple events or to register additional friends or family for the same event.



You can optionally ask guests if they'd like to show their support for a program by donating extra money. You can customize the recommended values or allow guests to enter whatever value they want.

Guests who donate receive a receipt acknowledging their donation.

Guest Details, Questionnaires, Waivers


You can optionally request guests to fill in questionnaires or accept waivers before proceeding with their registrations. The questionnaires and waivers are completely customizable and our professional services team will happily help you craft new ones free of charge. 

​You can also decide which guest details to make mandatory, optional or hidden entirely.

Cart, Payments, Receipts


Guests can put as many registrations in a cart as they like. They can register friends or other family members all at once.

If payment is required, then credit cards are accepted. We also support the option of giving guests instructions on how to mail checks or pay on arrival.

The guest who is paying receives an email receipt of their transaction. Separate registration emails are sent to each guest attending an event letting them know the details of the event.

Everything in Retreat Manager


Guest details, reservation information, payment, and invoice are all automatically created in Retreat Manager. You never have to worry about manually copying information or managing separate systems again.

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