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A solution for every Retreat Center.

We recognize every Retreat Center is unique and we offer solutions to meet your needs.

Our mission is to give you the best tools and support to see your center thrive.

Feature List

Guest Bookings

Guests can read about published events and register online. Guest and registration details appear automatically in Retreat Manager.



Accept donations from guests during the booking process. Donations are tracked within Retreat Manager and guests are automatically sent receipts.


Event Marketing

Automatically publish event availability and pricing. Add images, descriptions, bios and more to events and publish  everything to your website.



Give your housekeeping staff access to a mobile-friendly site where they can view and update the cleanliness of bedrooms and the status of meeting rooms.


Group Portal

A dedicated space where groups can manage their own event details such as guest information, room assignments, and view account information.



Allow your kitchen staff to access a mobile-friendly site where they can view upcoming meals and dietary restrictions of guests for easier meal planning.

Retreat Manager

Retreat Portal is how the world interacts with your retreat center. Retreat Manager is required for Retreat Portal and is used to manage everything at your center. Retreat Manager is available in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere and at any time.


  • Manage your accommodations.

  • Create and manage planned events.

  • Manage meals for events, guests, groups, etc.

  • Maintain detailed guest records.

  • Track reservations.

  • ... and more

Don't currently use Retreat Manager? Contact Us for a demo and a free trial.

Retreat Manager Planner
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