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Housekeeping staff can see a current list of which bedrooms are clean and which are dirty. The data on the Housekeeping site is automatically synchronized with Retreat Manager.

The Housekeeping site is mobile friendly which makes it easy for staff to update the status of a room as they are tended to.

Meeting Rooms


Housekeeping staff can see a list of meetings planned for today and tomorrow allowing for easy preparations of the spaces.

What they can and can't do...


All of the information in the Housekeeping site is limited to bedroom cleanliness and whether the room is occupied or not. Guest details are not revealed to the users accessing the Housekeeping site.

Users of the Housekeeping site are only allowed to change whether a space is clean or not. They have no other abilities to create, update, or delete information in Retreat Portal or Retreat Manager.



Access to the Housekeeping site is password protected. Only certain staff members at your center would have the ability to create users with access to the Housekeeping site.

Granting a user access to the Housekeeping site does not grant them access to any other features or functionality within Retreat Manage or Retreat Portal. Access is limited entirely to the Housekeeping site.

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