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Event Marketing



Event availability, pricing, and marketing information updated in Retreat Manager automatically gets reflected on your site.

Event Availability


When an event fills up in Retreat Manager then the event's availability on your site automatically shows the event as full and prevents further registrations.

Add more capacity via Retreat Manager and your site updates automatically to accept more reservations.

Events can also have an optional waitlist enabled on them.



Pricing is very flexible in Retreat Portal. We allow a price for virtual events and commuter events as well as by type of bedroom for overnight events.

Each price option allows for deposits as well as early bird pricing where a discounted rate is offered until a certain cutoff date.

Price changes in Retreat Manager are automatically reflected on your site.



You decide which events are published and available on your site. You decide when to make your event public as well as what to use for the event's title, teaser, marketing text, and presenter information.

You can assign events to specific categories or groups. You can also adjust whether an event is open to all or requires registration. Each event can have a cutoff date after which time further registrations are not permitted.

Embedding in your site.


You can embed all or part of the event marketing information your website. 

If you prefer to keep all marketing on your site, then easily embed a registration button that will automatically update with availability. Your site administrator no longer has to manually update your marketing information with event availability.

Don't have a website administrator? No problem. Embed the entire listing of events on your site. Updates in Retreat Manager are automatically updated on your website. Our professional services team will help you customize the look and feel to match your site. Your guests won't be able to distinguish your site from our registration flow.

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