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Group Portal


Self Service

Groups can create or update their guest's details and assign guests to reservations for their events without having to contact your staff saving you and the group time and effort.

Assign Reservations


Groups are given the ability to assign guests to the reservations allocated to their events. Groups can make these changes whenever, and wherever, they want without having to email, call, or fax your center.

Changes appear automatically in Retreat Manager.

Guest Management


Groups can create new guest records and those new guest details are automatically available in Retreat Manager.

Groups only have access to the details of guests who have attend their events in the past. Groups can update a guest's details to ensure that the latest information is in Retreat Manager. 

Event Details


Commonly asked-for information is available to the group in the Group Portal as read-only (don't worry, they can't modify this information):

  •     Meal Summaries

  •     Social Summaries

  •     Conference Rooms

  •     Chapel Times

  •     Invoice Details

  •     Payment History

What they can and can't do...


Letting a group loose on their own may seem frightening, but we're not allowing them to do whatever they want. You still maintain final control over the event details.

Groups can only manage their guest's details and assigning those guests to reservations you've allocated to their events. Everything else is read only information. They cannot create reservations, meals, socials, meetings, invoices, etc. 



We take security seriously and the Group Portal is no exception. Access to the Group Portal is password protected. Only limited retreat center staff members may create user accounts for groups. Group users are only granted access to the specific groups you assign them. Group users have no knowledge of the other groups, users, or events going on at your center. The only events they have access to are past and future events belonging to their group.

All actions taken by users on the Group Portal are audited. 

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