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Retreat Manager and Retreat Portal require to perform any financial transactions involving credit cards or checks (eChecks).

Getting an account

If you don't already have an account, then you can get one by going to the following site:

There are two options. The option on the right (Payment Gateway Only) is likely what you want as you probably already have a merchant account through your bank. The merchant account is also where you would negotiate your per-transaction fees.

Creating a login for DKD Software Support

It is strongly recommended to create a login for DKD Software Support. The email to use is You may choose any username you like. On rare occasion our support staff may log in to your account to investigate transactions and to assist with completing payments.

Creating a Client Key

For Retreat Portal to process financial transactions a Client Key is required.

Log in to

Go to Account > Manage Public Client Key

If you already have a Client Key, then you can reuse that. Otherwise click the button to request one to be created. *Do not disable the old key if you already have one.*

Please copy and send the client key to - note in the image below the client key is highlighted, but also obscured for security purposes.

Creating API Credentials & Keys

To process financial transactions the API Credentials and Keys must be shared with

Log in to

Go to Account > API Credentials & Keys

Copy the API Login ID (highlighted, but obfuscated in the image below) and send it to

If you already have a Transaction Key, then it must be sent to as well. If you don't know your Transaction Key, then things get much more complicated. There is a good chance you have other software services using the Transaction Key and, as states, the current key will be disabled if a new one is created. Contact for assistance on how to ensure a smooth migration.

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