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Email Integration with Microsoft 365

Updated: Apr 5

This also applies to Outlook 365 and Office 365 - basically follow this if using Microsoft to host your email.

For account administrators.

For users trying to send emails.

For account administrators.

Log in to

Click the icon in the top-left corner with three lines. Expand 'Users' and click 'Active Users'.

Click the username who you want to permit to send emails through Retreat Manager. Once the user is selected click 'Mail' in the pop-out on the right. Then click 'Manage email apps'.

Click all of the boxes. Then click Save Changes button at the bottom.

For users trying to send emails.

Log in to:

Click 'Add sign-in method'

Select 'App password' from the drop down.

You can name the app password whatever you like, e.g. 'Retreat Manager'

Click Next and the next page will have a long, randomly generated, password which you can copy and use in Retreat Manager.

Continue with the steps in the Email Setup Tutorial:

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