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Email Template Management

Retreat Portal sends out automated emails for program registrations, cart receipts, refunds, etc. Each template can be customized to meet your unique needs. Format colors, fonts, signatures, etc. Also decide which fields to show in each email.

Important - Email templates are version controlled. This means that you first copy an existing template, edit it, then activate it. Only active templates are used when sending emails. We use version control to ensure that incomplete templates aren't accidentally used to email guests.

Start by clicking the gear icon in the top-right of the page and select Branding. Them click Emails on the left-side panel.

Pick the email template you want to edit. The two most common ones you'll edit are:

  • Guests / Registration Confirmation - this template is sent to each guest who registers for a program.

  • Guests / Payment Receipt - this template is sent to the buyer who is making the purchase in a cart. It is possible that the buyer and guest are not the same person.

Next, pick the version you want to edit. More than likely you'll want to pick the one that says 'Active' as that is the version which you are currently sending to guests.

Click the Copy button. This will create a new version and the fields below will become editable.

You can change the Sender Name, Subject, Body, or the BCC fields.

Note: The BCC field allows you to specify one or many email addresses to get BCC'd whenever the selected email template is used. It can be a great way to get notified of any registration or payment.

To see the most up-to-date placeholders that are allowed in the email subject and body click the Instructions link. The placeholders allow you to include dynamic information in the email body or subject - for example, the guest's first name, last name, salutation, how much they are paying, the program title, dates, etc.

When done with the edits click the Save button.

On the right-side panel you can click the Refresh button to see what the email would look like. You can also click the Send to me button which will use the template to send you a sample of what the email would look like.

The values in the preview and sample email are fake - i.e. the first name, the cost of the program, description of the registration, etc.

Finally - when you are happy with all of your edits and you want to start using the template click the Activate button. Once you activate a template you can no longer edit it. This is deliberate because we want to prevent accidental changes to templates that may get used at any moment. To edit and active template start from the beginning of this tutorial by copying the template, editing it, then activating the new template.

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