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Guest Agreements

During the registration process you can make agreements available guest to agree to before they can complete their registration. For example, you could request agreement to your COVID-19 policies, dining policies, refund policies, etc. You can customize these on a per-program basis.

Creating / Managing Agreements

Log in to Retreat Portal Console

Click the gear icon in the top-right and select Marketing

On the left-side click Forms and Agreements

The Agreements, Waivers, Terms, etc. section shows the set of all agreements you've created. You can click the Create button to create new agreements. Or you can click the Edit link to manage existing agreements.

Description for staff is what is stored in Retreat Manager when a guest clicks (or doesn't click) an agreement. This should be a phrase meaningful to the staff.

Description for guest is what the guest sees to the right of the checkbox and should be meaningful to them.

Link text occurs to the right of Description for guest and is a link to the Agreement link.

Checked value is the value stored in Retreat Manager when a guest checks the box and Unchecked value is the value stored in Retreat Manager when a guest does not check the box.

Enabled indicates whether the agreement is available to be selected for a program's registration process.

Agreement required? means that if agreement is required, then the guest much check the box. If it is not required, then the guest may not check the box. The phrase (Required) appears next to checkboxes that are required and the phrase (Optional) next to those which are not.

Important - while you are permitted to make an agreement optional, please take care whether you need to mention an agreement at all if it is optional.

Assign Agreements to Programs

Log in to Retreat Portal Console

Navigate to a program that you want to require a guest's agreement.

On the left-side click Forms and Agreements

The second section lists the available Agreements. By moving an agreement to the right-side panel the agreement will be visible to the guest during that program's registration. If the agreement is on the left-side panel, then the agreement will not be visible to the guest.

When the appropriate agreements have been assigned to the program click the Save button.

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