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Retreat Manager Duplicate Guest Management

Over time duplicate guest records will accumulate in Retreat Manager. The following tutorial will walk you through the steps to consolidate duplicate guest records. We never allow for guest records to be deleted, but by combining guest records you eliminate the duplicates without losing a guest's history.

Open Retreat Manager and select Tools > Validate Guest Names.

The tool will search for guest records with duplicate or similar information. For example, guests with the same name and address, but different cities. A different city can occur due to a simple typo. The drop-down in the top-middle of the form allows you to pre-select certain search criteria. When going through this process start with 'Level 1' results and then proceed to 'Level 6' as this will allow you to consolidate the most identical guest records to the least identical guest records.

If there are results you will see a listing and the first column (#) will tell you how many duplicates exist.

Select the row of the guest you want to consolidate and select 'Display Duplicate Details'.

A new window will appear with all of the matching duplicates. Select a row you want to remove and click Adjust.

The next window will ask you which guest you want to Transfer the previous guest history into. By doing this you are consolidating the history of one guest into another.

Repeat the above steps for each duplicate guest record.

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