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Retreat Portal Tag Manager

Retreat Portal's Tag Manager allows you to manage the tags you've put on Images and Documents.

Tags offer a more flexible mechanism for multiple users of the same system to label important items (like images and documents) in ways that make the most sense to themselves. This is preferable to a folder system where multiple users may disagree on the hierarchy and names used.

Managing tags is important to keep the tags from getting too crazy. Tags can have their labels changed allow for a quick 'one and done' when wanting to edit a tag. A tag can also be deprecated so that it isn't used in the future - however, deprecating a tag will still show the tag on items it has been added to.

Accessing Tag Manager

Log into Retreat Portal

Click the gear icon in the top-right and select Business.

On the left-side of the page click Tag Manager.

Tag Manager Listing

The listing of tags shows all tags in the system.

Searching - There is always the search bar in the top of the table which you can use to search for a tag's label or purpose.

Deprecated - By default only tags that are not deprecated are listed. Click the 'x' next to the filter to remove the filter.

Edit - Click the edit button to edit the tag. You'll be able to change the label, purpose, and whether it is deprecated.

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