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Calendar Integrations (Beta)

Notice: This is a beta feature which means it may not work as expected, may be discontinued, or remain unsupported.

Important: Both Microsoft and Google check for calendar updates at most once a day (sometimes longer) therefore changes in Retreat Manager are not immediately reflected in the calendar integrations and 1-2 days may pass before updates are represented. Some desktop applications like Apple's Calendar update as quickly as every 5 minutes. During our beta phase we post updates every 3 hours.

Retreat Manager Cloud offers the ability to add all programs, just hosted, or just sponsored programs to any calendar that supports ical/ics (internet calendar protocol) which includes Google Workspaces and Outlook/Office 365.

First, get the unique URL to your center's calendar, e.g.

From that URL you can choose all programs, hosted, or sponsored, e.g.

For each collection of programs you can choose three ways to view the programs: As day events, as exact start/end times, or a combination where day events show exact start/end times and overnights show as day events.

Combination view - Overnights as day events and day programs as exact times...

All programs as day events...

With this view all programs will typically appear at the top of the calendar as all-day events.

All programs with exact start and end times...

Note that some calendars will try to be 'smart' and show multi-day events as day events such that it looks more like the combination view - this seems to be the case with Google and Microsoft calendars. Apple's Mac Calendar is shown below which does show the exact start and end times for the events.

How to import?

Office 365 / Microsoft 365 / Outlook 365

Go to the calendar.

Click the Add Calendar link.

Click 'Subscribe from web' and then enter the desired URL for the calendar you want to import.

Google Workspace / Gmail

Go to your calendar in Google/Gmail

Click the '+' next to Other calendars

When a pop-up appears click 'From URL'

Then enter the URL and click 'Add calendar'.

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