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Creating Hosted Group Managers

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Hosted group managers belong to organizations outside of your retreat center. Granting these individuals access to the Hosted Group Portal allows them to perform certain self-service operations like adding guests and assigning guests to reservations.

First, create a user for the hosted group manager: See this post. And be sure the user is assigned to the External - Group Contact role.

When a user belongs to the External - Group Contact role, then the row for that user will have an indicator of how many groups that user has access to in the Mappings column.

Click the Group(s) link.

Click the icon with the Three Dots or start typing a group name in the search area.

A pop-up will appear with group names, the attention field for the group, the title of the recent program and the date of the most recent program. Use this information to ensure you are choosing the correct group to assign to the user.

Click the Group Name and the pop-up will close and the group name will be in the assignment dialog.

Finally click the Assign Group to User button and the group will appear in the table.

Repeat for as many groups as you want to assign to the user.

Removing access to a group

Click the Group(s) link.

Click the Remove link for the group to remove from that user.

Click Ok in the confirmation dialog box asking you to confirm removal of the group from the user.

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