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Customize Invoice Line Items

Retreat Portal and Retreat Manager will automatically create an invoice with line items based on the resources in the program (rooms, nights, meeting rooms, meals, etc.) but sometimes it is necessary to customize those line items.

Retreat Portal let's you consolidate all of the rooms, meals, etc. as well as add or remove new line items. Values can also be adjusted and re-categorized to better fit what your accounting department desires.

Default Invoice

By default Retreat Manager and Retreat Portal create invoices with an itemized listing of resources and their prices. For example, each type of room, their occupancy, and nights are listed out. Behind the scenes Retreat Manager and Retreat Portal categorize these line items so that retreat centers can see a detailed breakdown of revenue.

The General Ledger feature in Retreat Manager summarizes the line items by their respective categories. Click Financials > General Ledger Accounting Data to view the screen below.

Consolidating Line Items

Sometimes it is desirable to simplify the invoice by only showing one line item for accommodations, one for meals, etc.

Log in to Retreat Portal.

Click the icon in the top left side of the screen and then click 'Invoices'.

On the Invoices page be sure to check the date range of when the invoice would be due. Sometimes it is faster to use the search box to type all or part of the program title to find the invoice. Once you find the invoice you want to edit click the three dots on the far right column (the Actions column) and then select 'View / Edit'

When viewing the invoice you'll get a lot of information. To consolidate line items check the boxes next to each line item you wish to consolidate. This typically means checking all of the accommodation boxes, or all the meal boxes, etc.

Then click the column header (Batch actions ...) to see the menu of options. Then click 'Consolidate selected'

You will be shown a window allowing you to customize the new, consolidated, line item. The 'Product / Service' is effectively the category and there are a preset collection to choose from. The 'Description' allows you to provide a meaningful description for the line item. By default the quantity is 1 and the unit price represents the total of all the items being consolidated, but you can edit either. When done, click Save.

The changes are synchronized with Retreat Manager.

In Retreat Manager you can edit the unit price like before.

To UNDO what you consolidated in Retreat Manager click the 'Re-Calc' button in the Account window.

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