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Embedding Program Register Buttons

Every program with marketing enabled has the potential for guests to register. There may be times when you will want to market a program or a set of programs on your website and direct guests to Retreat Portal to register. However, the task of updating your website to reflect the status of the program (i.e. waitlist, sold out, etc.) is a lot of work. The solution - embed a dynamic register button which updates automatically as the status of the program changes.

Log in to your center's

Find a program which has marketing enabled and click the Marketing > Embedding link on the left-side panel.

You will see a preview of the button. Under Embedding Code is the exact content to copy and paste into your website. Once pasted on your website the button will be displayed exactly as it is on the portal console. Clicking the button will open a new browser tab and take the user directly to the program's registration page.

That's it! Super simple!

Customizing the buttons...

Log in to your center's

Click the gear icon in the top-right (Administration) and select Branding > Embedding Buttons.

The page shows the various types of buttons which may be shown based on the status of the program. A program's status changes over time and you're able to customize the look of each button that a guest may see on your website. The example image is not the default, just a representation that you can do almost anything you want to match your site's design.

The Button Presets control the button's radius (rounded edges), height, and width. These values are included in the embedding code, but once you embed a button that embedded button's preset values won't change if you change them on Retreat Portal. For example, if you embed a button with a width of 500px, then change the Button Presets to be 400px, the button you already embedded will not change.

To customize each button click the Edit link for the button you which to modify. You can change the phrase of the button, background color, font, and font color. Depending on your CSS skills you can add any styles you want to either the background or text. If you don't know what 'CSS' means, then feel free to talk to your website person or email to further customize the buttons.

As you modify the values on the form the preview of the button at the bottom will change. Once satisfied with your changes click Save.

After changing the background color the preview of the button automatically changes.

When you save the changes to a button the change is immediately visible anywhere the button was embedded.

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