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Guest Account Access

Sometimes it is nice to let guests do things on their own - like check attendance history and pay any outstanding balances.

Retreat Portal allows guests to enter their email address and receive a secure, limited use, link to their account details - outstanding balances, upcoming programs, and previous programs. From the outstanding balances sections guests can pay the balance immediately.

Get the link to Account Access

Click the gear icon in the top-right of the page and select Branding

On the left side of the page click 'Account Access'

At the top of the page is a link to the account access page. Click 'Copy' to quickly copy the link to your clipboard. From there you can paste the link in emails or on your website. A preview of what the page looks like is on the right side of the screen. You may have to click 'Refresh' to see it.

Customize the logo

While still in the Branding section click the 'Logo' link on the left side of the page. The logo image and logo background can be adjusted. The same logo is used on all public interfaces that are listed. The preview section of the Logo page shows you what your logo looks like in wide and narrow views.

Account Access Details Page

On the account access page the guest is asked to enter their email address. Once submitted Retreat Portal will send a secure link to the supplied email address. The format of that email can be adjusted in Branding > Email > '[Automated] Guests: Account Access Link'.

The link in the email will take the guest to a page showing any outstanding balances, upcoming programs, and past programs. If there are outstanding balances, then there is a link for the guest to pay the balance immediately.

Invoice Payment Page

When the guest clicks the 'Pay' link for a given invoice they are taken to a payment page requesting the full balance to be paid. On that page the guest can supply their payment information as well as view the invoice for the detailed breakdown of charges.

Once paid the guest will receive an automated acknowledgement email and the screen will show the balance as being paid. The format of the email can be customized under Branding > Emails > '[Automated] Guests: Invoice Payment Confirmation'.

Customize Invoice Payment Page

The invoice payment page can be customized to permit different forms of payment: Credit Card, eCheck, or Mailed Checks along with custom instructions on how to mail a check. The customization of the Invoice Payments can be found under Branding > Invoice Payments.

If you choose eCheck, then the payment will be processed through and is conditional upon having your account configured properly for eChecks.

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