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Guest Rolodex

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The Group Portal gives you access to the guest information for all guests who have ever attended a program for the selected group.

Click Guest Rolodex on the left-side menu.

Viewing Guests

All guests that have attended any programs for your group are shown in a table.

The guest's first name, last name, email, phone, and address information are all shown. The table also shows the date the guest most recently attended a program for your group as well as the next date the guest plans on attending. This is useful for knowing whether someone hasn't attended for a while or whether they will be attending an upcoming program. The archived flag lets you archive (hide) guests who are no longer active in your group. Deleting guests is not allowed since we may maintain a history of guest attendance. You can click the archive box to archive or unarchive a guest.

Archiving (Hiding) Guest Records

By default the table does not show archived guests. You can uncheck the box in the filter region to show both archived and unarchived guests.

When you click the Archived box the status flips and depending on the filter setting a guest to archived may cause them to no longer appear in the guest rolodex. But unchecking the filter at the top of the table will show them again.

Archiving/Unarchiving a single guest...

Click the Archived checkbox for the guest you want to archive.

Archiving/Unarchiving a batch of guests....

Check the box(es) on the left most column under 'Batch actions' for each guest you want to archive or unarchive. OR click the column heading 'Batch actions' and select 'Check all'.


With at least one box checked click the 'Batch actions' header and select either 'Set all to Archived' or 'Set all to Unarchived'.

Remember that if the filter at the top is set to hide archived guests, then as you set guests to archived the table will no longer show them.

Adding Guests

To add a guest click the Create Guest button.

Editing Guest Records

To edit a guest's record click the Edit link for that guest's row in the table.

When editing or creating a guest the pop-up allows you to specify the guest's name, email, contact information as well as any physical limitations or food allergies. The food allergies are made available on the guest's reservation and meal reports which are sent to the retreat center's kitchen staff. Please confirm with the retreat center whether a guest's food allergies are considered during meal preparations.

When done editing a guest's information click Apply Changes.

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