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Marketing Programs

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

This tutorial will walk you through how to market any program in Retreat Portal.

Table of Contents

Find a program

Log in to your Retreat Portal Console, e.g. https://<id>

Click the top-left menu icon and select Program Search.

You can quickly find the program you want to market by typing the name of the program in the search bar. Or you can click the column headers to limit the listing to more easily find what you want.

Search bar

Enter what you want to search for in the search form item. It searches over the program title, group name, and presenters. You can enter all or part of the information to search.

Column filters

Click any column header and select a value, or sort.

Then see a limited set of results.

When you've found the program you want to market click the Edit link.

Enable Marketing

If the program doesn't have any marketing information, then you have to click the Enable Marketing button in the top-right corner of the Program Details page.

Once clicked, the page will reload and you will see all of the marketing features available on the left-side menu of the Program Details page.

Marketing Details

Click Marketing in the left-side menu to view the marketing details for the program. This section provides you the ability to give some basic information about the program.

  • Published Title will appear as the title of the program and does not have to match the program title.

  • Published Teaser is a small amount of information which appears below the title when the program is listed.

  • Marketing Category is what category this program should be marketed as.

  • Presented by... allows you to describe the presenter(s) and will appear in the marketing of the program.

  • Published Content is where you describe the program and can include any information you like.

The other fields on the right all contain help boxes - click the circle with question mark at any time to learn more about how those settings influence how your program is marketed.

Click Change Image to either upload an image or to choose a previously uploaded image.

Click an image or click Upload Image to upload any image you want.

Click Save as you go to save your changes.

At any time click the URL below the Program Details Link to open a new tab which will show you what your marketed program looks like.

After clicking the link a new tab opens so you can view your saved changes.

You can also copy the link and put it in marketing information allowing guests to go directly to the program details page. The same is true for the link under Program Register Link which links directly to the registration page of the program - i.e. the equivalent of clicking the Register button on the program details page.

Reservation Pricing

The Reservation Pricing section allows you to place a price on each type of reservation. Reservations are grouped into either commuters or rooms and the rooms are further broken down to four types of singles and four types of doubles.

Click Reservation Pricing on the left-side menu.

The table will show the current pricing for each type of reservation. By default the values start as $0 / Free. Click the Edit button to change the prices.

The pricing options reflect what types of reservations are available in the program. For example, a program with only Commuters will permit you to enable/disable pricing for Commuters and set prices for only Commuters. The other options will be disabled. If rooms are added/removed from the program, then the pricing options will appear/disappear automatically.

  • Counts column shows each reservation type and how many reservations are filled vs. how many are assigned to the program.

  • Deposits column allows you to enable/disable allowing guests to choose a deposit price. When enabled is checked the box to specify the price is shown. A value of zero (0) appears as 'FREE' and thus no payment taken for the deposit. The full price is still shown so the guest knows how much they'll be required to pay eventually.

  • Early Bird column allows you to specify a different full price which appears before the Early Bird Cutoff date/time.

  • Full column allows you to enable/disable allowing guests to choose a full payment option. When enabled is checked the box to specify the price is shown. A value of zero (0) appears as 'FREE' and thus no payment taken for the registration. When full payment is disabled and deposit enabled, then the only registration option is a deposit.

The following is an example with a $5 deposit and $15 full price. Both options are shown and the guest can decide whether to choose the deposit or full price options.

If nothing is enabled, then the option for guests to register for the program is not shown. If you wish for guests to register, but pay nothing, then enable the Full price and set the value to zero (0).


The marketing page for each program can have a list of all presenters shown below the normal marketing information. The list of presenters is independent of the Presented by... box in the marketing details section.

Click Presenters on the left-side menu.

The list of presenters is shown. Click the Add button to pop-up a dialog of all previously created presenters.

Find the presenter you want and click Add to program link.

If the presenter you want isn't listed click the Create button and you'll be able to create a presenter with a custom photo, name, and biography.

You can add as many presenters as you want to a program. In the presenter listing you can remove a presenter from the program by clicking the Delete link. Or click the Edit link to directly update the details of the presenter.

The presenters appear after the other marketing information.

Guest Emails

When guests register for programs their registration email can contain a program-specific note with extra information.

Click Guest Emails on the left-side menu. In the box enter any text you want to include in the registration email. This information is in addition to other information that is part of every registration email. When done click the Save button.

Listing a Program

When a program has marketing information it is automatically available on the internet via the URL in the Program Details Link or Program Register Link on the Marketing Details. However, it will not appear in the event listing of Retreat Portal unless you flip the Listed value to Yes.

Under Listed click Yes and then Save.

And then your program will appear in the program listing allowing it to be easily found by your guests.

Copy Marketing Data

To copy marketing data from another program into the current program, then click the Copy marketing from another program... button in the Marketing Details section which can be found next to the Save button.

A pop-up will appear allowing you to select from program with marketing information. You will see the program's published title and date ranges to make it easier to pick the proper program to copy from. When you find the program to copy from click the Copy link.

Please heed the warning message - copying from another program will replace ALL of the current program's marketing information and marketed pricing information. Other details of the program will not be impacted.

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