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Manually remove duplicate guest records

Over time duplicate guest records will appear in Retreat Manager. We have a tool to help you search for potential duplicates and you can view the details of that tool here:

However, sometimes you happen to come across a guest while searching for names and you want to eliminate the duplicate. OR you know of a guest with more than one record and you want to remove the duplicates.

Start in the Guest List tool (F5) and search for the guest. Then right-click on the duplicate guest record (i.e. the one you want to remove). Then click 'Adjust/Remove duplicated Guest...'

The next dialog will ask you to choose which guest record to transfer all of the duplicate guest's reservations/programs/invoices/payments to. Click the row with the accurate guest information, then click Adjust.

You will receive a final confirmation of the move as well as the name and address of the guest being removed and which guest is receiving the information. If it is correct, then click Yes.

Once completed the duplicate guest will no longer be in Retreat Manager.

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