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Payment Requests

If you are using Retreat Portal, then you have the option to enable Payment Requests.

Payment Requests allow you to send emails to guests who have an outstanding balance asking them to pay all, or part, of the remaining balance via Retreat Portal. The link in the email takes the guest to the payment page where the requested amount is captured.

Enabling Payment Request Feature

Start by enabling the Payment Request feature in Retreat Manager by selecting Configure > Administration > Payments, Invoice, Price Options

Click 'Online Portal' on the left-side and then check the box next to 'Enable Pay Request System'. Click Save and Close.

Using Payment Request Feature

Open the Payment Requests form by clicking 'Pay Requests' menu item.

There is a drop-down in the top-left to let you select programs that are either Sponsored or Hosted.

The second drop-down at the top allows you to narrow the results to a specific program.

The checkbox at the bottom lets you optionally show any registrations that were not taken on Retreat Portal. This is optional because Retreat Portal requires an email address, but registrations taken over the phone or in person may not have an email and therefore a payment request may not be possible.

The table ONLY shows those guests with a posted invoice AND that have an outstanding balance. As the balances are paid the guests will disappear from the list.

Create a Payment Request

Right-Click on a guest row and select 'Schedule Payment Request'

You can select when the payment request email will be sent - it can be immediately or any date in the future. You also specify when the payment is due and the chosen date will appear in the email tot he guest.

You can also choose to either have the full balance paid or a different amount. This can be useful if you want to request incremental payments over time.

When done click Submit.

Reset / Remove Payment Request

You can reset/remove a payment request which hasn't yet been sent by right-clicking on the row and selecting 'Reset Payment Request'.

Resend a Payment Request

Important - you MUST select the entire row by clicking the grey rectangle on the far left.

There will be a third option to 'Resend Pay Request...'

Payment Request Email Template

Go to retreatportal.com and log in.

Click the gear icon in the top-right of the page and select Branding

Select Emails on the left-side.

In the drop-down pick 'Guests / Payment Request'.

To get more information about how to manage email templates see the following tutorial: https://www.retreatportal.com/post/email-template-management

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